Máquina de omplir rotativa per a l'oli de lubricants

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weighing rotary filling machine for lubricants oil

Principals característiques

This machine is the latest generation of rotary weighing filling and capping integrated models, high automation, high production capacity, the filling is controlled by METTLER - TOLEDO weighing sensors and feedback instrument control. Suitable for edible oil, spices, oil and other industries bottled packaging.

1. This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control panel, weighing instrument to adjust and control. It is convenient to adjust.

2. Each filling head has the weigh and feedback system .each filling head can be regulated and micro adjusted.

3. The whole machine gets GMP standard. It is easy to disassemble clean and maintain, and the parts which contact with the filling products are made of high quality stainless steel. The whole machine is safe . Environmental, sanitary. It can adapt to various kinds of working places.

4. capping head Department uses located way. And set the direction of photoelectric sensors at the barrel-inlet, No barrel no capping.

Paràmetres tècnics

Dimensions3000mm (L) ×2200mm (W) × 2450mm (H)
Filling/ capping head24 filling heads /8 capping heads
Suitable bottleDiameter:: Φ50mm~ Φ180mm height:120mm~350mm
Packing specification1L-5L
Production capacity (1L)6000B/H (for 1L)  3000B/H (for 5L)
Measurement error±2g for 1L
Font d'alimentació380V;50/60HZ
host power 6.5KW
Subministrament d'aire0.55MPa~0.65MPa clean and stable source of gas supply with gas

Detalls ràpids

Tipus: Màquina de farciment
Estat: Nou
Aplicació: Begudes, productes químics, alimentaris, mèdics
Tipus d'embalatge: Estoig
Material d'embalatge: Fusta
Grau Automàtic: Automàtic
Tipus de conducció: Elèctric
Tensió: 220V / 50Hz
Potència: 4.5KW
Lloc de procedència: Xangai, Xina (continental)
Nom de marca: NPACK
Dimension(L*W*H): 3000mm (L) x 2200mm (W) x 2450mm (H)
Pes: 2500kg
Certificació: CE
Servei postvenda subministrat: enginyers disponibles per a la maquinària de servei a l'estranger
Material: SS304
Speed: ≤3000bottles/hour for 4L
Filling range: 1L-5L
Filling heads: 24 heads (or customized)
capping head: 8 heads (or customized)