Màquina automàtica rotativa de tapatge d’ampolles

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Màquina automàtica rotativa de tapatge d’ampolles

Principals característiques

This is our newly developed capping machine, integrates bottle inlet, cap sort, cap feed, capping, bottle outlet together. Well suitable for diversified caps, also very friendly applicable for anti-theft caps. Caps are grasped and positioned well, harmless to caps during the machine running. Fast speed of machine and high qualified rate of capping, it bears step less adjusting, can reach the international advanced level of similar products.

Electric elements use international famous brand, which ensure the machine’s quality and its service lifetime, reasonable structure, superior performance, low voice, friendly environmental.

The surface of this machine has been polished with good looking. It can be well matched with the production line. It is an ideal equipment for large and medium factories.

Principi de treball

(1)This capping machine adopts rotary type for screwing caps. Caps are oriented and supplied to the cap grasping area, capping heads grasped caps send to capping area by compressed air for doing capping work, finally capper bottles are outlet by conveyor.
(2) Caps tighten can be adjusted by clutch.
(3) Bottle inlet can cap inlet are controlled synchronously
(4) Reversed caps can be ejected. (optional function)


1. Fully automatic rotary capper
2.Used for cap diameter: 20mm-80mm
3.Capping speed: 0-6000bottles/hour
4.Perfect capping

Principals paràmetres tècnics

01Suitable bottles
diàmetreΦ40mm ~ Φ100mm
height80mm ~ 280mm
02Suitable caps
diàmetreΦ20mm ~ Φ80mm
03Font d'alimentacióAC 220/380V; 50/60Hz
04Potència3 Kw
05Pneumatic (air-operated)source0,6 Mpa aire comprimit net i estable
06Nombre de caps capçals6 caps
07Capacitat de producció≤6000 ampolles / hora
08Pesabout 1200 Kg
09Dimension (L×W×H)2000mm×1300mm×2400mm

Detalls ràpids

Tipus: Capping Machine
Estat: Nou
Aplicació: aliments, begudes, productes bàsics, productes mèdics, químics
Tipus de conducció: Elèctric
Grau Automàtic: Automàtic
Voltage: 380/220V,60/50Hz
Power: 3Kw
Tipus d'embalatge: Estoig
Material d'embalatge: Fusta
Lloc de procedència: Xangai, Xina (continental)
Nom de marca: NPACK
Dimension(L*W*H): 2000mmx1300mmx2400mm
Pes: 1200kg
Certificació: CE
Servei postvenda subministrat: enginyers disponibles per a la maquinària de servei a l'estranger
Construcció principal: SS304
PLC: Panasonic/ Siemens
Touch screen: Panasonic/Siemens/Schneider/Kinco
Electrical elements: Schneider
Capping head numbers: 6/Accept customized
Capping speed: 6000BPH/Accept customized